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Coffee is my saviour in the early hours of the morning (anytime prior to around 11am) but although it may give me a morning boost its not so great for my teeth.

I have thought about getting my teeth cosmetically whitened but the price puts me off straight away – especially when there is a risk of my teeth becoming extra sensitive!

So when I spotted this at home professional teeth whitening kit from Rio Beauty I thought I would give it a go.

Retailing at £79.99 it’s a lot cheaper than visiting a salon, plus you can sit and catch up on your favourite blogs during the treatment!

Rio Beauty Teeth Whitening Kit

It couldn’t be easier to use either: simply add the mouth guard to hot water and then wear for a short while so it forms the shape of your teeth, the place in cool water to ensure it retains its shape.

After this you apply the whitening gel from the syringe and place in your mouth. Turn on the machine to the required treatment setting and time and relax.

After my first use of this I noticed results, although slightly patchy. This is probably due to some areas being worse in staining than others. I have used this 3 times now and I am really impressed. I will definitely continue until they’ve brightened a few shades more.

I will note, however, that this kit is not to whiten your teeth if they are white already but to get rid of any staining from coffee, red wine, smoking, etc. But if you suffer staining this is brilliant!

You can find this set and more treatment sets at Rio Beauty.



  1. Sarah Penny says

    I’m a little wary of this, I’d be interested to know what bleaching agent they use in their whitening gel as the information is quite vague. If you weren’t aware, teeth whitening kits containing more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide may only be sold to dental practitioners – thus anything containing higher levels cannot be sold to the public. If results are quick and clear, I’d be inclined to say that these kits contain higher levels of peroxide – or sodium perborate.

    I’ve written a blog post with more information on this issue, if you’re interested!

    Sarah x

    • Carousel Diary says

      Thanks! I did not know that so will contact to find out. I’ll also take a look at your blog post on the subject!


  2. Millie says

    Great post! Did your teeth get an even colour after the treatment? I just tested Stella Whites whitening strips and my teeth are sparkling white now!

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